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Scott was very helpful in helping my wife and I find and purchase our first home. As first time buyers, the whole process can be pretty daunting, but Scott was there every step of the way. He was quick to answer any questions we had, and we would definitely recommend him to anybody looking for a Realtor.

—Jonathan Schoonover
Photo of Jonathan Schoonover Scott Estep realtor

"Scott Estep helped both my father and I purchase the homes of our dreams. He was always quick, and went above and beyond to get us into our homes from start to finish, and then some! I would highly recommend Scott to anyone!"

—Emma Krassow
Photo of Emma Krassow Scott Estep realtor

"My husband dealt with Scott in the selling of our house. Our main challenge was to sell our house in the States while living in the UK. Despite the distance and all that includes, Scott has always been on top of things in matters of communication, of making sure things were moving into the right direction and on time. His judgments were accurate and his dealings with the other realtor were professional. When I flew in from London to sign the closing documents, I was warmly welcomed and Scott made it seem easy to finalize the deal."

—Graziella Myers
Photo of Graziella Myers Scott Estep realtor

"Scott was so much fun to work with during the home-buying process. He was very knowledgeable and helped my wife and I through the entire process of buying our dream home. I always felt in the loop and understood what was happening at every step. Scott made himself available for us to bounce questions off of pretty much at all times. He is very professional and a great teacher. I can't recommend Scott enough to others who are looking to purchase a home."

—Kiel Wood
Photo of Kiel Wood Scott Estep realtor

"Scott is a wonderful realtor. He is responsive and very much on your side. He works with integrity and has such a positive/encouraging attitude - what a complete joy to work with!"

—Ashleigh Hotz
Photo of Ashleigh Hotz Scott Estep realtor